Our Story

Miriam Jewels offers a wide variety of crochet jewelry items, including three unique collections: the Classic Crochet Jewelry Collection, the Gypsy Crochet Jewelry Collection and the Inca Crochet Jewelry Collection. “We offer alternatives to traditional jewelry choices” said Miriam Chor Freitas, artist and designer. “We are unlike any other jewelry collection in the marketplace – mostly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry art.”

Crochet jewelry handmade art jewelry that is the result of combining the ancient arts of crocheting, wire wrapping, knotting and knitting with metal wire, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones. Miriam Jewels created unique collections of timeless wire crochet jewelry - pieces of wearable art. The highlight of the crochet jewelry is the Peruvian jewelry stitch that is a flawless Peruvian jewelry crochet technique that creates perfectly symmetrical stitches that result in amazing eye-catching handmade jewelry designs.

Brazilian born artist, Miriam Chor Freitas, the inspiration behind Miriam Jewels, came to the United States at age 19 bringing with her two generations of family tradition in the jewelry trade. Despite her artistic ambitions, she pursued a meaningful career in Child Welfare services before starting to import a wide range of jewelry collections from around the world. Miriam developed her own wire crochet techniques and the Miriam Jewels Signature Wire Crochet Jewelry was the result. Miriam creates pieces of jewelry that are bold and lavish; yet elegant and unique wearable pieces of art that truly reflect both the artists’ sophisticated taste and the sensitivity of every woman. “Every piece of jewelry is designed to make a woman feel as beautiful on the outside as they are precious on the inside” according to Miriam.

Since starting the business in 2003, Miriam Chor Freitas has been committed to continuing her handcrafted jewelry philosophy. She insists on providing her customers with the highest quality handmade jewelry products, in an environment focused on personal service and attention to detail that ensures the ultimate client satisfaction.

Miriam Jewels partners with Children In Need, Inc that provides services to vulnerable children.

Building Trust for 40 Years as a Family Owned and Operated Jewelry Store

Miriam’s is a family owned and operated business for over 40 years. Miriam had a vision and passion for fine jewelry and she put that dream to work. Now, years later, along with her two daughters, she has the most successful business in the Jacksonville area. Miriam’s has earned a flawless reputation and the trust of people nationwide.

We at Miriam’s have standards unsurpassed by any other jewelry store. We educate our clients on diamonds, gems, and each piece of jewelry so they feel confident and knowledgeable about their purchase.

You can walk into the store and speak directly to Miriam and her two daughters, Benji and Leah, whom have followed in her footsteps and love of jewelry. It is because of this legacy that upon the purchase of a Miriam’s piece you inherit history. Each piece from Miriam’s is infused with our special history, quality and style.