Mrs. Jessie Stedman grew up in Vista, California and for the first 15 years of

her life she was raised in a religious cult and didn’t experience most of the

world like other people. It wasn’t until she turned 15 that she began to

question the environment that she was held captive by. It was this free

thinking and questioning of everything that she had known that drew her

to the arts. She started out writing poetry at a young age as a way to

release feelings and thoughts without judgement. She wasn't aware of her

painting abilities until she enrolled in her first art class. While she didn’t

have the luxury to pursue an art education at the time she taught herself

through good old fashion trial and error while simultaneously raising two

fantastic human beings and taking care of the household.

It wasn’t until she took a trip to New Orleans in 2018 where she found her

style of art. The city, with all of its culture and soul spoke to her so deeply,

it changed her entire way of seeing. She has always had a deep love for

music in all its forms and honors many famous musicians through her

paintings. The colors and rich art of New Orleans combined with

instruments weeping and laughing down every street awoke her true artist.

Since her return she has combined both loves and poured her passion into

each piece she creates.

Jessie accredits her quickly evolving artistic talents to her discipline and

brutal mental and physical training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jijtsu. Jiu Jitsu

in of itself is an art and the dynamic flow of combat through off balancing

her training partners has opened her to additional creativity as she

attempts to be the yin to her partners yang. Through this gentle art she has

gained an ever growing self-worth and confidence that she lacked growing

up, that is visibly noticeable in her art.