A Message To Our Customers

Dear Friends


As a local business serving North Park and surrounding cities and counties, we see dozens of people and receive multiple packages on a daily basis. As such, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and our valued clientele. We are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus conditions according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  We feel a great responsibility to make sure all our patrons are aware of the precautions we are taking here at Presley and Co. Fine Jewelers.

In addition to our normal process of wiping down the showcases multiple times a day, we are wiping down other high contact surfaces anytime the surface is touched.  We have hand sanitizer for you to use freely when you visit and when you leave. All incoming and outgoing packages are sprayed with alcohol and air-dried. We are continuing to wash our hands, keep our hands off of our faces and using a hip bump instead of a hug or handshake.

In addition all jewelry is sanitized after being tried on.

We will continue to provide the best of care to all of our clients whether in-person or electronically / telephonically. 

What we are asking of our clients: 

(1) If you are having difficulty removing your ring we will provide you with a tried and true solution - Windex – to assist in the removal. Please refrain from licking your finger to try to get the ring off (trust me, it happens).

(2) We are happy to show you any of the jewelry in our showcases we just ask you to apply hand sanitizer before and after for your safety and for the safety of those who may look at the same piece afterwards.

We are here to serve our community in more ways than for jewelry related issues. If you are elderly or have a compromised immune system and are unable to go anywhere, let us know. We will help where we can. As a community, now is the time for us to come together and get creative on how we can support one another.

Call us. Email us. We are here to be your personal shopper. We ill email you or text photos of some fabulous options, wrap and mail your gift (and write a sweet note card).


Liz Saba

Presley & Co. Fine Jewelers