About the Brand

In 2008, Melis launched her brand with the opening of her first collection, Color Therapy. After receiving much merit and the attention of numerous celebrities, Melis Goral, instantly became an acclaimed brand throughout the fashion and jewelry industry.

Through multi-cultural influences and her vast world travels, Melis draws inspiration for her collections from nature as well as culture. 

The brand is continuously featured in high-end magazines and can be seen spotted on many famous celebrities. The collections are carried at top of the line boutiques, as well as being sold in luxury department stores such as Beymen.

Melis Goral's intricate designs consist of custom-cut emeralds, sapphires, and rubies delicately entwined with gold. Melis states, "Every piece [of jewelry] is designed to be timeless and eternally precious to its wearer".

Each design presents elegance with a contemporary twist, promising its owner the foreverness we all seek.