Ponte Vecchio Gioiell

Over the years Ponte Vecchio Gioielli has developed a strong identity, this creative spirit is revealed in every precious detail. Starting from the stylistic simplicity of our logo which represents the three arches of the Ponte Vecchio, our jewellery conveys the splendour of the world at large.


It was the 60s when Ugo Calà was little more than a child, and in his spare time he helped his father in the barber shop next to the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

That little barbershop was frequented by the best goldsmiths in the city who were realizing the most beautiful jewels for the most prestigious international brands. Going against his father’s will, the young Ugo became an apprentice of one of the most famous jewelers of the Ponte Vecchio.


After years of apprenticeship, combining the secrets of the secular Florentine goldsmith’s art, with a fashion idea in step with the times, Ugo decides to create the company that in the years to come becomes an important reference in the world of jewelry: Ponte Vecchio Gioielli.


The new century also became a new source of life and pure energy. The stubborn and dreamer Francesco Calà, in his early twenties, joined the company. Working in all the different company departments, from the work bench next to the goldsmiths, till the stones office. However, his true vocation is the relationship with the customers, with whom he loves to spend much of his time to be able to better understand their needs.


After many years of traveling to every corner of the world, personally visiting almost 100% of the customers, Francesco Calà decides to take over the company created by his father to carry on the journey begun more than 50 years before with extreme passion and energy.


For almost a century, a special symbol of love has existed in Florence. Legend has it that if a couple attaches a padlock to the Ponte Vecchio and throws the key into the Arno River then their love will last forever. The romantic atmosphere of the bridge, together with the symbolic power of the padlock is perfect for creating a deep bond between two people. A bond that carries with it the image of the sun rising over the Arno River, the sound of stolen kisses in the shade of the day, the magic of the street lamps accompanying the night.

Honoring this tradition, Ponte Vecchio Gioielli has brought this iconic gesture to life. A jewel embodies a secret emotion, a lock unites shared feelings. And so every jewel we create is packaged in a box held closed with a special padlock to celebrate the magic of the Ponte Vecchio. This is our tribute to those who continue to believe in the power of love and the purity of passion.